This will be the most ambitious version of our short history: multi-company, multi-language, intelligent dashboard, advanced search engine ... And all with symfony components and following the highest level of development standards: psr-0, psr -1, psr-2, psr-4, continuous integration with phpunit and code revision with codacy and scrutinizer-ci.

When will it be available?

The beta version (test version) will be available at January.

How do I install it?

When the beta is available, we will provide the instructions to install.

Will I be able to copy my 2017 data?

You can upgrade FacturaScripts 2017 to version 2018 when available.

Will it be a simple update?

No, it will not be a simple update. You will have a migration assistant to make the necessary modifications to your installation.

What's with the plugins?

The official plugins will be updated automatically to version 2018. Custom plugins will need changes to work in version 2018.

Will I still be able to use FacturaScripts 2017 in January?

Yes, you can continue using FacturaScripts 2017 until you want to make the leap to version 2018.

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